Sunday, August 13, 2006

So Sian We All

Inspired by the song 'SIAN' and the 'So Say We All' podcasts by mr brown:

The weather remains the same from Jan to December

The leaves on our trees never turn amber

The MRT is so noisy and crowded
Each time I take it, I feel so bombarded

I did not have my teh tarik today
The uncle went for certification with the WDA

I had chicken rice last weekend
It is now more expensive, thanks to the Invisible Hand

My boss tells us: "Good work,
Keep going for that extra mile."
My Government tells us: "Cheer up,
Please remember to

I live in a HDB flat
My kitchen is very close to the opposite flat

My children prepare for CA 2
My wife and I re-learn too

I am a Singaporean
And feeling very sian

So sian we all
So sian we all

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